Employee Retention Credit

Step into a progressive era of bolstering your business’s greatest treasure – your workforce. Oscar Capital Funding proudly unveils our cutting-edge Employee Retention Credit initiative, meticulously crafted to empower you in cultivating a dedicated and inspired team, all while optimizing your long-term financial resilience. With this program, secure not only your employees’ futures but also the prosperity of your enterprise.
The process


Enrollment & Assessment

Once you're our valued client, we begin by understanding your business's unique needs and assessing eligibility for the Employee Retention Credit program.


Credit Approval & Amount

Upon approval, we determine the credit amount your business qualifies for, ensuring it aligns with the government guidelines and your workforce size.


Funds Transfer

We swiftly transfer the approved credit amount to your designated account, ensuring a seamless and timely disbursement to support your employee retention efforts.


Ongoing Support

Our team remains at your disposal, offering guidance and assistance throughout the program, ensuring you maximize the benefits and effectively nurture your loyal team.


Elevate your business with our efficient disbursement process, securing your employees’ future while bolstering your financial stability.

Financial Boost

Receive monetary support to retain employees during challenging times, enhancing business stability.

Motivated Workforce

Nurture loyalty and dedication among your team, boosting overall productivity.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce hiring and training expenses by maintaining experienced staff.

Why Choose Oscar Capital Funding?

Proven Professionalism

Backed by a rich history of serving hundreds of clients with unwavering professionalism, ensuring your business thrives with confidence.

Tailored Solutions

Crafted exclusively for your business, our solutions are strategically designed to address your unique needs and aspirations, guaranteeing your path to success.

Timely Results

With a deep understanding of your urgency, we execute with precision, delivering timely and impactful results that accelerate your business journey.

Expert Team

Our seasoned team of experts, armed with up-to-the-minute industry knowledge, stands ready to provide you with tailored insights and unwavering support.

Client-Centric Focus

Your triumph is our driving force; we pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to your goals, putting your business at the heart of everything we do.

Track Record

Our consistent history of translating challenges into triumphs speaks volumes, affirming our dedication to turning your aspirations into achievements.

Invest in Your Team's Future Today

Unlock unparalleled growth for your business by making strategic investments in your employees’ futures. Oscar Capital Funding’s cutting-edge Employee Retention Credit program is your gateway to cultivating an ecosystem where your team not only thrives but becomes the driving force behind your business’s unprecedented success. Our program, meticulously designed with insights from our extensive industry experience, empowers you to not only retain but also nurture top talent, amplifying your business’s competitive edge.

By joining us in this revolution of employee retention, you’re not just ensuring your workforce’s stability; you’re securing a future where innovation, growth, and excellence converge. Experience the transformation as your dedicated team becomes the bedrock of your business’s upward trajectory.