Business Funding for Restaurants

Restaurant industry is one of the promising industry with a stable revenue and good profit margin. The industry is booming after seeing a downfall during Covid time. However, there are still some challenges that restaurant owners are facing. However, there is no challenge that cannot be handles with right approach and handling the financials properly.

 Be it completion, online presence, getting more seating area, attractive renovation, all this can be taken care of with right type of financial solution in hand. Oscar Capital Funding is specialize in getting a reliable and affordable funding solution to restaurant owners to help them rise and shine.

Term Loan for Restaurants:

Our term loan is specially designed for the restaurant owners to have quick access to funds with minimum documents. Since we understand the industry so well, we specialise in funding the restaurants. Our Term Loan provides a funding solution with very affordable repayments with Monthly, Biweekly and Weekly payment option as selected by the restaurant owner. With term going upto 5 years, this is one of the most loved funding solution. This can be used to renovate the place or buy some real estate to get more tables.

Line Of Credit for Restaurants:

This gives a freedom and peace of mind to a restaurant owner to have a Line of Credit which they can use whenever needed. It could be for a weekly payroll when there is some cash crunch or it can be used to buy some inventory at such times. It is an assurance that even when the financial challenges are there, it doesn’t affect your business operation. You only pay interest whenever you use the money and only for the duration you use it for.

Merchant Cash Advance for Restaurants:

Since the revenue is not same throughout the year for restaurants, similarly this allows you to have a payment which is also flexible for a business funding. We take a certain percentage of your credit card sale and when the sale is low, your payment will also be low accordingly. You enjoy discounted payments during the off season or even some weeks of the months when sale is down. MCA offered by Oscar Capital Funding is tailor made for every restaurant based on its sales and affordability.

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